Motorcycle suspension set up and track side support
Motorcycle suspension set up and track side support
Email: Tel: 07743 735 346
Email:    Tel: 07743 735 346

Track Side Suspension Set up & Support

Whether you are a keen track day rider looking to improve your lap times, a club level rider looking to win a championship or you are riding at BSB competitive levels. We provide professional track side suspension set up and support to help riders get their bikes properly set up for each circuit. This is usually carried out as a one to one service, where we will work closley with you and help you to resolve any handling issues.


From our experience working in the competetive racing circuits we can also offer advice on gearing selection and bike set up.


We can assist with any mechanical adjustments, gear changes, tyre changes and basically allow you the rider to focus on improving your lap times.


We maintain full records of all suspension settings, shock lengths, pull through, spring rates, valving selection, wheel base length,  gearing selection, fuel consumption / lap, lap times, tyre selections, tyre pressures, track temperatures, weather conditions, together with other key elements.  This is the level of attention to detail and professionalism that will allow you to develop sucessfully as a competitive rider.


For new riders with whom we have not previously worked it is very benefitial to do a track day together, where we can get the opportunity to establish your bikes current settings and guage the feedback you give as a rider. From there we then work together to estabish the optimum settings on your suspension. Further sessions then allow for fine adjustments and specific settings for each circuit and track conditions.


Please contact us to discuss availability for professional track side services.



Prices from: £450.00/day + travel and expenses

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