Motorcycle suspension specialist, Motorcycle suspension set up, Motorcycle suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, fork internals, Bitubo, K-Tech, Race Tech, Ohlins, Penske, Andreani, Nitron
Motorcycle suspension specialist, Motorcycle suspension set up, Motorcycle suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, fork internals, Bitubo, K-Tech, Race Tech, Ohlins, Penske, Andreani, Nitron
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Email:    Tel: 07743 735 346

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TW Suspension Tech are delighted to be appointed as the Suspension Specialists for Thundersport GB 2018/2019

2018 Season Highlights Thundersport GB

Thundersport GB 2018 Season has come to an end and what a season it has been. TW Suspension Tech provide the Thundersport GB paddock with specialist suspension set up and technical support.


Many riders who used our professional services went on to achieve fantistic results: 


These Include: 


John Ingram - GP 1 Elite Champion
Chris Barnes - GP1 Elite 3rd Place


Michael Austin - GP1 Sportsman Champion


Dan Frear - Elite 600 Champion

Andy Guy - Sportsman 600 Champion


Shaun Baliff- Pre National 600 Freshman Champion and 2nd overall in Pre National 600


Ryan Strafford- GP1 Classic Champion


Sebastian Spiers - GP1 Cup Champion


Andy Windsor- Golden Era Supersport Champion

Ash Thompson - 4th in Golden Era Supersport

Ian Lawton - 6th in Golden Era Supersport


Taylor Rose- 3rd in Stocktwins Championship 1st Year Racing


2017 Season Highlights-Thundersport GB

2017- TW Suspension Tech are appointed as the Suspension Specialists for Thundersport GB 


Providing the Thundersport paddock with specialist suspension setup, support, suspension services and repair we helped a number of riders achieve some of their best results!  


See summary below:


Anthony Van Looy - Honda Moto 2-  2nd in British Military Inter Services Championship .
The RAF rider scored numerous top ten finishes in the GP1 Sportsman class during 2017, collecting podiums in the Inter Services Challenge races too.
AJ McDaniel -Honda CBR600RR 
3rd in the Continental Pre-National 600 Freshman class -
AJ originally from Texas decided to try his hand a racing for the first time and raced at every Thundersport round during 2017 and took 12 podiums in total. What a great result!!  Well done AJ!!
Pete Riches - Triumph Daytona 675- 2nd in both the Continental Pre-National Freshman class & the A&R Racing Pre-National Sport 600 series too
Pete took the Freshman Championship to the final round scoring 18 podiums, 13 race wins and 4 lap records!!
14 podiums went his way in the main class, with 10 outright victories!
Rob Goodall - Yamaha R6- 3rd in the Sparklight Racing Golden Era Supersport class 
Robert missed a few key rounds in 2017 but took 3rd thanks to 18 podiums (10 of them wins) & holds the class lap record at Mallory park!
Andy Challis - Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD- Finished 3rd in the Avon Tyres Golden Era Superbike class
25 top 5 finishes in 2017 including 11 podiums in his best season to date with Thundersport GB.
Ryan Strafford - Honda SP2 Finished 2nd in the Avon Tyres Golden Era Superbike class 
Former Thundersport GB Streetfighter Champion and now twice GES runner-up. Ryan missed out on title by just 16pts with 33 podiums in his 34 races and 12 wins!!
Ashley Milburn -Triumpg Daytona 675- Finished 3rd in the GB Racing Thundersport 600 Sportsman Championship
Finished 3rd last year in the Pre-Nat Sport 600 class, Ashley is on the main podium again with 9 podiums, 3 race wins and only finishing 26pts off the eventual Champion!
Robert Varey - Yamaha R6 - Finished 2nd in the GB Racing Thundersport 600 Sportsman Championship -
This was Bobby's first year in Thundersport and what a finish. The title went to the final race of the season, Bobby lost by just 2pts after achieving 14 podiums including 10 victories!! Great performance by Bobby!
William White - Triumph Daytona 675 - Champion of the GB Racing Thundersport 600 Elite class 
William finished 3rd overall in 2016 and with our support with set up during 2017 is now the new 2017 Elite Champion!!,  Will ended 2017 with 12 podiums and a race win at Cadwell Park!  Congratulations Will!! Really well done!
Ryan Leadbitter - 2nd in the Monex Europe Thundersport GP1 Freshman class -
Ryan got off to a flying start,  winning start at Brands Hatch but couldn't quite hold onto series lead in the end with 21 podiums and 3 wins for 2017.

2016 Season Highlights

Motorcycle suspension specialists, Motorcycle suspension set up specialists, Motorcycle suspension tuning, Shock rebuild, John Dieterman (Team Baxi Yamaha YZF750 2016)

John Dieterman (Team Baxi Yamaha) 


Wins 2016 Golden Era Super Bike Championship with Thundersport GB


Motorcycle suspension specialists, Motorcycle suspension set up specialists, Motorcycle suspension tuning, Shock rebuild, Ryan Strafford (RS Racing) Honda SP2

Ryan Strafford of RS Racing, riding his Honda SP2 secures 2nd place in Golden Era Superbike Championship 2016 

Motorcycle suspension specialists, Motorcycle suspension set up specialists, Motorcycle suspension tuning, Shock rebuild, Alan Birtwistle Honda CRF 450

Alan Birtwistle Wins the 2016 & 2017 UK Flat Track Championships!


Motorcycle suspension specialists, Motorcycle suspension set up specialists, Motorcycle suspension tuning, Shock rebuild, Richard Wilson -Honda CBR600RR

Richard Wilson secures 4th place in the Manx Senior GP on his CBR

TW Suspension Tech lead the way with rider suspension set up support and secure 7 out of the top 10 chamiopnship positions in the 2016 Aintree Formula 600:


Aintree Formula 600:


TW Suspension Tech Supported Riders included:


1 st  - Robert Vary  

2nd - Mike Norbury

3 rd - Stephen Gorton

4th -Conor Umney

7th -Martin McGrath

8th -Dave Lewis

9th- Richard Wilson


2015 Season Results

TW Suspension Tech has supported a number of riders during the 2015 season with their suspension tuning and set up to enable them to achieve their best.  Now the season has come to an end we are really proud to announce some excellent results:

Motorcycle suspension set up specialists, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds and race support JDL Racing Team

Joe Lawrence of JDL Racing reports on his sucesses in his first year at Pre-National 600. It's a real pleasure working with Joe and and the JDL Racing team. We are really looking forward to the 2016 season. 


"This year we competed in the Pre-National 600 Championship with Thundersport GB racing on National circuits around the UK. This was my first time racing on the big circuits and we had to learn each track on the race weekend. However we managed to finish the season in 11th position overall with 13 top 10 finishes and a best place finish of 6th. 


This was a big learning curve for JDL Racing, as we had to pretty much learn every circuit on the race weekend and then race to our best abilities on a bike that is not as competitive as a lot of the bikes on the grid.  We learned how to work as a team in a professional paddock with limited funds which was a fantastic experience and a dream come true for me.  We had to miss one round at Snetterton due to funding but we managed to attend every other round.


Teut at TW Suspension-Tech made sure that not only our bike was set up at each circuit this year but he has played a huge part in making sure I was ready mentally for each practice, qualifying and race.

Thanks for a mega first season!!

We are over the moon to be continuing our racing with TW Suspension-Tech through to 2016 and lets hope its another successful one!! "If in doubt...Flat out!"


Motorcycle suspension Set Up Specialists, Suspension Tuning, Shock Rebuilds Team Baxi Yamaha- John Dieterman

John Dieternam, racing his Team Baxi Yamaha YZF 750 in the 2015 Golden Era Superbike Championships, approached us in May, he was suffering with handling issues and problems with the suspension set up.  They previously tried a number of things to overcome the problems, but without success.


We reviewed the problems John was experiencing and made a detailed analysis of his existing set up, we made some considerable changes to his suspension units and following completion of our Suspension Tuning together with contimued support throughout the season to get the best set up at each track John finished the season with:


12 Race Wins

4 Lap Records

Winning the Thundersport Golden Era Superbike Championship!



This was an excellent result for Team Baxi Yamaha.  Well done John,  Its been a real pleasure working with you this season.  


Roll on 2016, we look forward to supporting you again next year.


Motorcycle Suspension Specialists, Suspension set up, tuning and shock rebuilds Mike Norbury

Mike Norbury who is only in his second years racing came to us early in the season with some handling issues.  Following some suspension tuning and set up works to his existing suspension units he went on to complete the season with our support at hand.  

Mike finished the season and managed to win:


PDMCC formula 600 champion
PDMCC open class champion
2nd in PDMCC formula 400 (after winning first few rounds and engine blow)


Still waiting for northwest championship results

1st at cadwell
1st at oulton (down to 1.46 lap)
2nd at Mallory
4th Anglesey
4th at Aintree


Regularly finishing in the top ten at most places he is progressiong quickly in his racing career. 
He now has his National licence and is considering road racing next year.


Brendan Brown racing his Honda CBR1000R and RS125 in the Darley Moor Championships came to us early this year.  We fully serviced his Bitubo suspension and set up the bike providing him with technical set up and support throughout the season.   


Brendan went on to win the:


Open Solo Championship

125 Championship

2nd in the Peak Cup Championship, (Just missing out on the Championship behind Simon Bowyer) This was a great battle between the two riders and made for some great racing!


TW Suspension Tech would like to congratulate Brendan on his excellant results and we look forward to supporting him again throughout 2016.

Brendan Brown gets a 3rd Place in Darley Moor

Brendan Brown racing on a Honda CBR1000R fitted with ECH Bitubo forks and XXF31 Bitubo rear shock has achieved a thrid place at Darley Moor on the 21st and 22nd March. Competing against other well known riders including Richard Cooper, Dan Copper and Jon Hodson this is an excellant result and well deserved.


Brendan is being supported by TW Suspension Tech, we have fully serviced and set up his Bitubo suspension providing Brendan with the best set up to help him achieve his best result.  Providing advice and support throught the weekend we fine tunned his settings until the optimum set up was achieved.  


We look forward to supporting Brendan throught the season and feel a win is only around the corner.


Excellant Result.


Well Done Brendan.


Joe Lawrence #888 Reports on Round 1- Brands Hatch 6th-8th March 2015

Well it was Round 1 of Thundersport GB and we were blessed with great weather at Brands Hatch!


I will be visiting a lot of tracks that I have never seen this year, and Brands Hatch is one of them.  We got there Friday for some afternoon testing and the first session I was surprised how technical the track was, even though it is very short (the Indy circuit), the undulations, long sweeping and tight corners were tough to get used to.  However after a few sessions I found my feet and managed to get into a rhythm.  It was the first time I had managed to fully test the new suspension setup by TW Suspension Tech and I was amazed how well the bike handled, a massive improvement from last year!


After testing on Friday we decided it was going to be more beneficial to run new tyres for the race weekend in order for us to be competitive rather than running used worn tyres.


Saturday morning came and it was time to go qualifying on the new tyres.  I had never raced on new tyres before and what a difference it made!  The Continental race tyre was awesome, providing a lot more grip and great feedback, which by the end of the session saw me qualify 27th out of 44 riders with a time of 54.648s.  I knew there was room for improvement, but I was very happy to actually qualify for the races.


Race 1


I managed to get a good start off the line and straight away slotted myself mid pack.  With the new tyres working well I managed to chase down the rider in front but unfortunately we ran out of laps and couldn’t get by.  We finished the race in 22nd position and improved my lap time to a 52.984s from 54.648s, a massive improvement on the qualifying times in the morning, and I was starting to really enjoy Brands Indy circuit.


Race 2


Again I got a good start off the line and managed to get into 22nd place, this race was great with a lot of battling throughout.  On the last few laps I managed to catch the 20th place rider but then was passed by the rider behind…I wasn’t best pleased so with 2 laps to go I got my position back and then immediately got into 20th place, we swapped positions 4 times in 2 laps, even though it was tough I was grinning ear to ear inside my lid J, but by the chequered flag I held off the other riders to claim 20th place, with a fastest lap of 52.722s, just marginally slower than the first race.


Sunday - Race 3


On the second race day, for qualifying they take the quickest times from the Saturday and then put you on the grid accordingly, this meant that I had moved up from 27th to 24th on the grid.  The weather was again awesome, warm, sunny and dry.  I got another good start and managed to again get mid pack.  I was keeping up with the pack in front until I made a mistake in the early laps, running wide through the left hander “Surtees” resulting in me running onto the kerbs on the exit,  which allowed my mate Adam Gittings through on the last corner, however I got a great drive onto the start finish straight and got back past Adam and then got my head down for the rest of the race.  We didn’t see anyone else for the rest of the race and we came home in 23rd but again we improved on my fastest lap time and got a 52.172s!


Race 4


For the last race of the day the temperature had cooled down and the clouds had come over, we were praying for it to stay dry and luckily it did.  I got a great start off the line and managed to get myself in with the middle pack.  I was on the tail of the group for the first part of the race however I hit a false neutral coming out of the last corner which meant they gapped me by a few seconds, leaving me to race on my own trying to catch them down for the rest of the race.  By the end of the race we came home in 18th, just outside of the points.  I was over the moon, my goal was to get in the teens and to get 18th in our first race at Brands against the quality of riders around me was great!


We are now looking forward to Donington Park Round 2 on 10/11/12th April.  Again we will be looking to run new tyres if funds allow and luckily we have raced there before so fingers crossed we are looking to improve on last years times and positions J


Thanks again for all of your support for 2015, it wouldn’t be possible without your help!

Motorcycle Suspension Set Up, Motorcycle Shock rebuilds, Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Anthony Vanlooy- NGRRC F400 Racing

Anthony Vanlooy Reports on his sucess in the F400 Races at Castle Combe with NGRRC - 14/15/June 2014


It was baking hot conditions this weekend at Castle Combe for the NGRRC F400 races, Saturdays racing resulted in a 3rd place for the qualifier and a 2nd place for the championship race that day whilst managing to break the lap record held by the local man Simon Gates, but I was unable to chase him down in time, good result though on old tyres.

Sundays racing saw even warmer conditions, after a new set of freshly scrubbed tyres we managed a 2nd place in the qualifier, placing me on the front row.  The bike has been handling fantastic all weekend, having no trouble whatsoever with the fast bumpy conditions of the track and I knew that if I got a good start we should be able to win the championship race that day.
After a good start, I managed to keep with Simon Gates and on lap 3 I to got the tow I needed through the fast 'folly' section and out-braked him into 'Quarry' . This gave me the lead I needed and keeping my head down for the remaining 5 laps I managed to keep him at bay, breaking the lap record 3 times overall and setting a new club class lap record at Castle Combe.
I'm over the moon with the results this weekend, not bad considering I've only ridden the track once before a few years back.
My thanks to Teut of TW Suspension Tech for an excellent suspension rebuild and set-up, the bike handled faultlessly all weekend and was totally confidence inspiring, we really pushed the job, and bring on the next meeting!
Anthony Vanlooy
#31 F400
Motorcycle Suspension Set Up Specialist, Tuning, Shock Rebuilds Simon Aspin #139 Steel Frame 600 PDMCC

Simon Aspin #139 racing in the CBR600 Steel Frame Championship with PDMCC reports on his success following a 2 1/2 year break from racing. Sunday 8/6/14


TW Suspension Tech fully tuned and set up Simon's bike prior to his return to racing.


Simon Reports


"On my second race meeting with PDMCC in 2 1/2 years the weather was great being very warm and dry.  I was pushing the bike harder and found that the rear was moving around a bit in the hot conditions.  Luckily Teut was on hand at the circuit that day and with a minor tweak to my settings, off I went again.


My lap times came down immediately and the bike felt great, helping me to finish 2nd and then 3rd.  It came down to the last race ( Steel Frame 600) with a fantastic start I had the 2010/ 2013 Steel Frame Champion hot on my tail trying to catch me, I managed to lead the race right through to finish. My rivel crashed out on the last bend to the start staight finsh line and I finished "1st Place" with a 13 Second lead.


I am now leading the Steel Frame Championship and am so pleased.


Thanks Teut @ TW Suspension Tech


Great Job!!


Simon Aspin

# 139



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