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Honda Owner Testimonials

Honda CBR 1000 RR - 2008 


I arrived at TW Suspension to find Teut just arriving himself. He immediately made me feel welcome and showed me around his man-cave   / workshop. It was as if we had been friends for years. I have a Fireblade 08 and he immediately set the rebound, compression and preload as by magic. Then we did some measurements together as he explained what he was doing. Then more adjustments in line with the measurements and the discussion on my requirements and riding style , (which was mainly road but with the odd track day). I went for a quick spin which immediately told me Teut has a magic touch. My bike gave me  much more confidence, it rode the bumps and holes in our horrid UK roads so much better. This consequently gives me more confidence in tipping the bike into corners as I no longer worry about the road conditions. Wet riding also suddenly became a joy ! A Sunday ride to Devils bridge and and I was hooked; even hitting cattle grids with more confidence !


Many thanks Teut


Raymond Thornton

Motorcycle Suspension set up specialists, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds Honda CBR1000 RR - 2005

Honda CBR 1000 RR 2005


Even though Teut was very busy he still managed to fit me in at short notice. On arrival he offered me a brew and asked what I was looking to get from the new set up and how the bike was in its current set up. After Teut had set up both the front and rear suspension he told me to go for a ride and come back and report my findings. Fortunately there is a road close by that has a series of tight bends and some faster sweeping ones plus many bumps to fully test out the new suspension settings. The rear of the bike had been transformed which resulted in a far less harsh ride and more feedback as a result. The front was better but I felt there was a few more tweaks required. I reported back to Teut and he made a few more minor adjustments and off I went again. Straight away I knew this was right and bumps in the road were far less noticeable and the bike seemed to glide over them. I reported back with a big smile on my face and talked to Teut about how much better everything felt and how the bike had been transformed. I left about an hour and 20 mins after arriving and went home via the twisty roads (long way home) even though I didn't really have the time to do so but still it was a great descision. The bike still feels planted in the bends but now has a degree of comfort that it didn't previously have before so now I'm looking forward to my next 250+ mile ride.


A very happy rider and I'm sure I will be sending my friends for a suspension set up too.


Many Thanks


Dave Wilmot


Motorcycle suspension specialists, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, suspension set up Honda CB 1000 R

Honda CB1000R

Fantastic: we found Teut because we wanted to ensure the bikes suspensions were set up right for us. The cb1000r already felt brilliant so I wasn't expecting a massive change but the knowledge that it was right for me would have been enough, but after a couple of weeks of riding I have found it feels even more planted, balanced and feels great through the bends. 


My Husband's Triumph Speed Triple was next, Teut could not believe how the front end was set up, to the point he felt it could has been dangerous, but as we have never messed with the suspension we assumed it was ok. The difference my Husband has noticed has amazed him, making him feel safer and happy in the knowledge that it's now set up right for him.

In future we will take any new bikes to Teut so we can be sure. 


Deborah Robinson

Honda CBR Suspension Set Up and Tuning Honda CBR 600 FW 98 (Race Bike)

Honda CBR 600 FW 1998

Full Fork Tune and Shock Re-valve & Rebuild


After an accident in 2011 and not riding a bike for over 2 years I decided to see if I still had the ability to race, so I decided to get the suspension rebuilt because the bike had been stood for over 2 years & so I couldn’t blame the bike if I didn’t have a good day. I have had the suspension rebuilt and set-up by other suspension technicians in the past and been happyish with the result, but heard about Teut at TW Suspension Tech in Preston, so I rang him, liked what I heard and popped around with the bike. He checked, measured, logged everything and asked about what was happening with the the bike on track, my weight and preferences were logged.

I brought my old leaking Fox Twin Clicker shock and forks to Teut to fully tune and rebuild.  Once they were refit in the bike he set my bike up correctly.

Then I was off to a cold greasy November day at Oulton Park. To my surprise I had a good early pace and was happy. Teut rang to see how I was going on (he knew I was nervous after not riding for so long) and told me to do a minor tweak. By the end of the day I was running with the advance group, nobody over took me and I was lapping bikes and over taking them with ease. I was so relax and confident with the bike, I knew I was getting quicker all the time with each lap and kept telling myself to calm down it was the best I have ever ridden (what a high) and when the chequered flag came out I didn’t what to stop.


Teut has the passion and the knowledge, all I asked for was for the bike to be better than me and he certainty achieved that and more. I don’t write reviews normally but this is well deserved. The bike is amazing it’s down to me now, bring on the 2014 season.

Massive thanks Teut
Simon Aspin

Honda VFR 800 VTECH 2002

New Nitron Track Shock Fitted & Full Fork Tune


Hi Teut,

Enjoyed the ride home - what a revelation! I now think I understand what it means when I hear people talk about the bike feeling 'planted'. Everything felt so stable, unflustered and reassuring. There are a few bits of nasty tarmac on the roads near to my house that I have learnt to respect but this time it was a whole different story. The bike just took it in its stride and I didn't feel as though I had to provide any real input. Corners feel so much better - I am not a great rider but I thoght that I was able to take corners with far more confidence and more impressive lean angles!!

I also found that it was so easy to adjust the compression 'on the go' just by reaching down to the adjuster - so I had a bit of a play about with that and could immediately notice the changes. I need a bit longer with this to suss it out.

All in all - I am extremely happy!! Don't let the police know but it seems that the faster you go the better it all feels.

Thanks again,

Simon Raven


Honda CBR1100 Rear Shock


Many thanks for the great service sorting out my Honda CBR1100 rear shock.

A very quick turnaround by a friendly, highly qualified and skilled suspension speciallist. What more could you want?



Steven Brereton

Preston, Lancashire

Honda CBF 600 2004


After meeting Teut I felt like I was in safe hands. I never liked the handling of my bike. With the forks being non-adjustable he sugested to get the forks tuned and re-sprung for my weight, so I booked it in with him.

He completley transformed my bike into ace handling machine and with the best customer service, as he kindly droped me home and picked me up. Thanks for transforming my bike Teut, as it feels fantastic!


John Threlfall


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