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Ducati Owners Testimonials

Motorcycle suspension specialists, suspension set up, shock rebuilds, suspension tuning Ducati 899 Panigale & Ducati 848

Hi Teut, thanks for the set up on mine (Ducati 848) and Alan's (Ducati Panigale 899) bikes , it has made a big improvement especially under braking no longer dives.

A lot more stable and accurate going into corners.


Very pleased!


Many Thanks


Philip Scott

Motorcycle Suspension Set Up, Shock Rebuilds, Suspension Tuning Ducati 996
Ducati 996
I went to Teut @ TW Suspension Tech because I was increasingly finding the bike's existing set up too harsh for todays roads and my back. Once Teut had set the ride hights and sag front and rear and adjusted the compression and rebound settings for each, I now realise just how bad the previous set up was, despite the rear Ohlins previously being rebuilt and setup by a reputable and expensive expert!!.
The bike now steers more quickly, is much more stable and the suspension more complient.
Best money I've spent in 10 years of ownership, and slightly annoyed that I didn't do this sooner!
Mark Jones
Ducati Suspension set up and tuning Ducati Multstrada 1200 (2013)

 Ducati Multistrada 1200  (2013)


"the thing that was most noticeable about Teut wasn't his undoubted knowledge but his passion about what he does, he was more concerned about getting the bike just how I would like it, than I was"


Mark Shepley


Ducati Suspension set up and tuning Ducati 996

Ducati 996


I Took my Ducati 996 to Teut for a check of the suspension settings before he rebuilds the forks and rear shock. I highlighted the main problem I was having with the front end and even though I didn’t explain it in technical terms he knew what I meant. Teut then went about tweeking the suspension settings. I took it out for a test run and the front end felt transformed. Teut is a very open and honest guy and will not give you misleading information or try to talk you into buying things you don’t need. He explained to me that my bike was not very far off the ideal settings for me (for road use) but with a couple of clicks here and there he could get it much better without changing any springs or even servicing the suspension which I think is very creditable. However, I will be taking my forks and shock back to him for a winter service and to possibly change the front springs to suit my weight if needed, but I intended to have them serviced anyway. All in all, if I only had £30 to spend on the
suspension I would be more than pleased with the results today.


It might only seem like a couple of clicks, but its knowing what to do with those Clicks!!


Thanks again Teut,


I will see you in a month or so for the winter service.


Chris Gorse




Ducati Multistrada 1200    


A lifetime of riding bikes has taught me that every road bike you buy, new or used, can be set up a whole lot better even on standard suspension.  Teut does this in ten minutes, he is remarkable! It's the best invisible aftermarket accessory anybody can buy.
Scott Rowland.
3 times British Sidecar Trials Champion and National Enduro  winner.
Cheers Scott

Ducati Multistrada 1200     2010 model:


 I was experiencing issues with my Ducati Multistrada 1200 base model handeling, suffering with high speed wallowing. I was given the details for Teut and took my bike down to him. He set my bike up and transformed it into what felt like another bike. It handled amazingly, I was thrilled to bits with it! Highly recommended. Great Service, outstanding knowledge of bikes!


Many thanks.

Mike Hawtin


Ducati Hypermotard 1100 - 2008


Teut is a legend.

Set up my hyper, which until taking it to him I was a little twitchy, particularly in bends if there was any kind of bump or lump in the surface.

I'd just accepted it really and for one reason or another had always put off getting it set up properly.

Anyway took it for a test after Teut had spent 30 minutes on it and the difference was unbelievable - the bike seemed to eat up bumps and was so much more stable when throwing it round corners. I really didn't think a suspension set up could make such a difference, how wrong I was.

Sadly in ducati style I didn't even make it back to his house as my gear selector return spring (I hope it's just this! :-s) went bang and I was left without any gears about 2 miles from him.

Teut however came to rescue me, we nursed the bike back to his and then gave me lift 10 miles down the road.
The nicest guy you'll meet and a genius.
I can't say thank you enough - hopefully I'll have the bike back soon and I'll be able to put that set up to good use! 


Dave Nicholls


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