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Customer Testimonials

Triumph Daytona 955i


Teut completed a full strip and rebuild of my Daytona 955i forks as the seals were leaking badly, and the bike handled terribly. He turned them round in 2 days, and after fitting them back on the bike, the transformation was like night and day! For an 18 year old machine, she now rides brilliantly, smooth, comfortable and supple, but stable in the bends once more. Not the first time I've used Teut's services, and his work is truly second to none. Also a friendly  guy who really knows his stuff. Won't be the last time I use his services.


A big thank you to TW Suspension Tech?


Steve Whalley

Motorcycle suspension specialists, shock rebuilds, suspension servicing, re-valving, suspension tuning Triumph Tiger 1050 2008

Triumph Tiger 1050 2008


Hi Teut, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the suspension service. My Tiger feels so much smoother and better/ supported over the big pot holes


Ronald Stevens


Motorcycle Suspension Specialist, Suspension set up, suspension tuning, shock rebuild, K-Tech, Bitubo, Race Tech, Nitron BMW S1000R

BMW S1000R


My BMW S1000R needed the suspension setting up. 

Teut was a very knowledgeable person, explained the whole process, linked the adjustments to my style of riding. He immediately noticed that the rear suspension was too firm.  


Took it for a test ride and the benefits were noticeable immediately. He also makes a decent brew! Very pleased.


Stuart Hopkinson



Work undertaken:
Overhaul BMW R1200GS Rear Shock


My experience with Teut has been extremely good. Not only is he a very personable man he is a thorough gentlemen. After explaining the work he would carry out and the cost.....which was very reasonable he dispatched my rear suspension strut before I made payment!
His reason was so that I could have it for Monday. Payment was made without delay and on receiving the strut it was fitted and the bike test ridden. The result was a total transformation in handling and ride comfort. The bike feels very safe and planted on the road. The pre-load adjuster works perfectly from soft to firm and with a midway setting for me alone feels great.


Teut, thanks’re a star!


Thomas Griffin


Motorcycle suspension specialists, shock rebuilds, suspension servicing, re-valving, suspension tuning Kawasaki ZZR1400

Work undertaken
ZZR 1400 ABS - Rebuilt internal components of front forks and rebuilt rear shock with new spring to suit my riding style and weight of me and my wife

The bikes handling has been transformed, it changes direction at speed effortlessly and soaks up challenging road conditions at speed. It's a real please to ride and Teut has done a great job in his usual professional way. It was a great service done with no fuss.


John Cole

Ambergate Derbyshire

Kawasaki Z750 R

Kawasaki Z750R Suspension Set up


Hi Teut,
Would just like to thank you for setting my suspension on my Kawasaki Z750R.


My bike has been transformed, it now turns in very easy and seems to planted to the road.

Thank you very much for a pain free professional set up.
Many thanks

Paul Williams

Motorcycle suspension specialists, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, motorcycle suspension set up, K-Tech, Nitron, Race Tech, Bitubo, Laverda Montjuic

Laverda Montjuic 


Hi Teut,

I won my class on the Laverda, British Historic Racing Club BEARS F3 Champion 2017 




Thanks for your help!!


Dave Fitzpatrick


Motorcycle suspension specialist, motorcycle suspension set up, shock rebuilds, fork rebuilds, suspension servicing, suspension tuning, revalves, K-Tech, Nitron, Bitubo, Andreani Ducati Monster 1100S

Ducati Monster 1100 S Suspension Set up


A member on the Ducati Forum recommended I contact Teut at TW Suspension Tech in Preston.
I did, and arranged to go; the weather was shite, anyway, arrived after an hour and a half of terror and pissing rain.

Following a chat and nice cup of tea, out came the tools, nothing more than a calculator, C Spanners, an Allen key, ruler and tape measure.

30 Minutes later I was told to go for a test ride and witness the transformation.

Now, it was wet and (I hate the wet) twisty, unknown road. All of a sudden I’m in control, I can feel the road, I can feel the tyres, I feel SAFE.

Coming home, (70 miles) even in the pissing rain, it was a joy to ride, nearer home on the West/South Yorks border is an unmanned border post, on the west side the tarmac is beautiful, but as you cross the border on a blind crest that then falls away to the right the road surface is something rarely found outside the Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire. Nothing, not a shimmy, not a wobble, no shaking of the head, no banging, no skittering and when I look at the dash I ‘m at warp 2.

I can’t believe the difference, I really can’t! No parts used, no expensive oils or fragrances, no smoke, no mirrors and no bullshit.

The cost of this.... £40.00


Thanks Teut!!


Alan Houldsworth


Motorcycle suspension specialists, shock rebuilds, fork tuning, K-Tech, Race Tech, Bitubo, Nitron, Andreani, Ohlins, GSX-R 750 SRAD-1996

Suzuki GSX-R 750 Race Tech Fork Tune


"I recently bought an old SRAD 750 after a 15 year layoff from motorbikes.

My later part of biking was mostly club racing for 5 years , with some success too:)


My first impression of my recently acquired SRAD was that is was handling very poorly . Having done a little research I decided to send my forks to TW Suspension Tech.


The end result is my SRAD now feels SUPERB  !! Loads of feedback and far more grip and stability . I can now enjoy my bike in relative safety.


To say I am "over the moon" is an understatement . I am absolutely delighted with the what has been achieved and would highly recommend Teut's work.


Many Thanks,

Richard Scarrott

Motorcycle suspension specialist, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, K-Tech, Bitubo, Nitron, Race Tech, Andreani Honda VFR400

Honda VFR400 - Suspension Set Up


Took my RVF to TW today. TW did my MV last year and the difference there was immense. I didn't think my RVF needed doing, but figured it was worth a shot. I've had the RVF for 4yrs now and have put 70,000Kms on the clock - I thought she rode and handled really well.

The £40 was very well spent with TW! She now feels more pliant, the steering is less twitchy and more precise, she brakes better and now absorbs potholes. Seriously, take your bike there, even if you think she is setup properly.


She feels like a new bike!


Many Thanks


Mark Fenton



Motorcycle suspension specialists, motorcycle suspension set up, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, revalving, k-Tech, Race Tech, Bitubo, Nitron, Andreani Kawasaki ZZR-1400

Kawasaki ZZR 1400 -Suspension Set Up


Hi Teut .

Just wanted to say many thanks for the set up of my Kawasaki zzr1400 today . 
The bike is an excellent machine but once you set up the suspension it's completely transformed the handling. It now points in the right direction and stays nailed to the line I choose.  We're as before it would hop and skip and made me lack confidence.  The rear would squat and bounce on hard acceleration out of a corner . 
Not any more . 
It's now focused . Sharp and gives so much confidence . I've found myself planting it I to corners harder and the bike acts like it's on rails . So smooth.  So precise . Best money ive ever spent . .
Thanks so much for all your help . Advice and set up.  
Best Regards
Kenny Nash 


Motorcycle suspension specialists, suspension tuning, shock rebuilds, revalving, fork cartridges, K-Tech, Ohlins, Nitron, Andreani, Race Tech, Bitubo Ducati Hypermotard 1100S

Ducati Hypermotard 1100S-Suspension Set Up


Teut set up the suspension on my Ducati hypermotard 1100s. I didn't think it was to bad to start with but after he had finished it felt like a totally different bike!! I have much more confidence in the bike now and rode it home with a big grin on my face. Great bloke, pleasure to deal with, highly recommended.

Thanks Teut,
Regards Tony

Tony Diprose
Site Manager

Motorcycle Suspension Specialist, Suspension Tuning Specialists, Shock Rebuilds, Suspension Servicing Triumph Spring ST-Race Tech Tuned Forks

Triumph Sprint ST-Suspension Tune


I own a 2009 Triumph Sprint ST along with it's comedy suspension. Under sprung and underdamped at both ends. Like riding a pogo stick. Brilliant bike otherwise. Tired of being thrown out of the seat when pushing on let alone the problem of holding a line cornering I decided on throwing some money at both ends. 

I contacted Teut and his advice was to go with a revalve on the front shimmed to suit my weight along with a heavier spring. A new rear shock was recommended as the original is so poor in design it's not suitable for rebuilding. I was advised this elsewhere. I went for a Nitron shock with external reservoir with compression and rebound adjustment again sprung to suit. 

The bike is now transformed. I can stick it into a bend with the confidence it will hold its line and even change direction mid corner. Teuts settings were spot on with only a small adjustment on rear compression damping required. Only problem now is I may need some stickier tyres. 

Will be sending him the Ohlins off my Ducati for fine tuning over winter.


Thanks Teut you've made the unrideable loved again.


Tim Holloway




Hi Teut

I brought my zx10 to you yesterday being honest 
I was not expecting to notice any diffrent being a novice road rider with no track experience, but I was very suprised, the bike felt a lot easier to lean in to corners and it also felt a lot safer. It felt like a fight somtimes with the bike and yesterday after leaving your house it felt like I knew what I was doing .

By the time I arrived home, my mrs was home, so I went back out and covered around 150 miles Chesterfield, Sheffield, Barnsley and back home.
I really enjoyed the bike and I'm going back out today 
I understand why getting the bike setup is important now so im sure you will be seeing me again in the future.

Kind Regards,


Neal Burgess

MV Augusta F3


Teut turned what I thought was a well handling bike, from a butterknife into a scalpel.


Thank you.


Mark Fenton

Motorcycle suspension specialist, WP Shock rebuild, suspension tuning, suspension set up, KTM SMT 990 - WP Shock Rebuild

Work undertaken
Rebuild my KTM 990 SMT rear shock and service it after it had developed a leak.

Teut repaired and serviced my WP rear shock after it had developed an oil leak . I rang quite a few "specialists" who gave me many different excuses about not being able to repair my rear shock. Luckily , I came across TW Suspension Tech. They were great to deal with from the start and repaired my shock practically overnight as I was due to go to Spain. 


Don't waste your time going anywhere else if you want a first class professional job doing at a reasonable cost Teut is your man .

Thanks Teut


Steve Moss


Andreani Fork Cartridges, Motorcycle Suspension Specialist, Suspension Tuning Specialist, Suspension Set Up Specialist, Shock Rebuilds Honda VFR800 X Crossrunner fitted with Andreani Fork Cartridges and Matris Rear Shock


Thank you!

What a brilliant ride home!

The bike felt different right from the off, with a perfect balance between firmness & compliance, tracking surface imperfections beautifully. I took the fun way home via the b6243 to Clitheroe, a road I ride fairly regular so it provided a good comparison between the new & stock setup, and what an Improvement! it's transformed the bike, the front end is brilliant, so much more composed in corners and under braking, no sign now of that vague woolly feeling but a very planted & confidence inspiring front end. There is one particular off camber left hander which always used to unsettle the bike, but not now, it went round like it was on rails!

It has been a total pleasure dealing with you Teut, and hope to see you again sometime.

Very Best Regards

Kevin Gaskell



Work:  Installed Maxis Rear Shock and Andreani Fork Cartridges

Motorcycle suspension specialist, Bitubo suspension, shock rebuilds, suspension tuning, shock revalves Kawasaki ZX6-R

Can't recommend Teut enough! He is passionate about what he does and is also a top guy! I had Bitubo ECH29 Pressurised front fork cartridges supplied/fitted and a full suspension set up. The bike is out of this world! If you are thinking of using him rest assure you are in the best hands! 


James Southworth
J Southworth Elec Ltd


Motorcycle suspension specialists, shock rebuilds, Bitubo Suspension, Suspension Tuning, Yamaha R1 2002

The stock shock on my 1998 R1 was getting tired and I decided to bite the bullet and go for a shock recommended by TW, the Bitubu XXF31. Fitted and set up by Teut I finally got to ride it properly on roads I knew, a week later… and wow!! The planted feeling that this thing gives is unreal, the bike goes where it’s pointed so easily, doesn’t get bent out of shape over bumps and makes my R1 a comfortable ride. Best upgrade I have, easy to adjust and delivers exactly as I was told it would. Superb!


Chirs Alvey


Kawasaki ZX10R - 2011 (Full Race)

Teut did a great job on my WP 50mm SBK forks.  I was having problems with them and decided to bring them to Teut at TW Suspension Tech who fully stripped down the forks and reshimmed the stock valves and installed a set of bespoke made springs to for my weight.


When I then tested them they felt loads better and gave me more confidence overall,  but his work did not end there he was always on the end of the phone if needed for tech advise for any fine adjustments and as a result of well set up suspension and hard work, I ended up winning the Darley Moor Peak Cup Championship.


Thanks Teut for helping me out.

I look forward to your support next year to defend my title and on Thundersport Rounds.


Simon Bowyer


Racing Yamaha YZF750 1993


Teut has helped us develop the 1993 YZF750 and it now handles brilliantly with loads of feedback and is helping us maintain our Thundersport GB Golden Era Superbike championship. 3 lap records and 11 wins so far, means we are keeping momentum.
Your a star Teut, one of racings hidden gems! 


John Dieterman

Team Baxi Yamaha


Note: John Dieterman went on to win the Thundersport Golden Era Superbike Championship having secured 13 Race Wins and 4 lap records.




Hi Teut,


Just a short note to let you know Matt is over the moon with the work you did on his forks. He's much more confident and starting to get to grips with the bike. He's knocked just over 3 seconds of his lap times at Aintree and managed two 7th place finishes in the powerbike/superbike classes at the last meeting.


Once again, many thanks for your great work.

Kind Regards,

Steve and Matt Miller.

Motorcycle suspension specialists, motorcycle suspension set up, shock rebuilds, suspension tuning GSX-R750 SRAD 1999

Suzuki GSX-R 750 SRAD 99


Had the suspension tuned by TW Suspension Tech last year but had no chance to ride the bike as my brother crashed it shortly after having the work done (cosmetic damage only). Bike is on road, but was built for track days to save my Superduke.


Used it at Anglesey on a Jamie Whitham two day track day and it was utterly brilliant. I have had had many bikes for the track including Ohlins suspended R6's, GSXR1000's etc but the SRAD handles superbly, I know it is a cliche but it really does feel like it is on rails. So stable and compliant even under heavy braking (race pads and Brembo Radial master cylinder etc so it does stop !). I have a Tobi steering damper fitted but the bike doesn't need it and I left it on the first click.


Cannot recommend TW highly enough. Bike gave me such confidence that crap as I am (trust me), I got past a guy on a new ZX10 with ohlins fully active suspension and BST carbon wheels etc on more than one occasion. I didn't even think about the bike, it simply allowed me to get on with riding around the track. Even my already well worn tyres managed to hang on without ragging up, so sorted was the suspension.


I swear to God that I would rather have the bike like this than with 200bhp on standard suspension !


Thanks Teut!


Paul Grosvenor


Motorcycle Shock rebuilds, Suspension Tuning, Suspension Set Up Specialist Suzuki GSX-R 600 K4
Suzuki GSX-R 600 K4
I have spent many years dealing with various M/Bike guru's but I have never been happier than when I randomly found Teut online and had my initial chat with him.
Teut was simply epic to deal with on all accounts, his understanding, knowledge and communication were what I had craved for! Teut listened to what I had to say, recommended a set up and was clear and precise in delivering this information so I could digest it in complete confidence... next thing I had bought a new Nitron Track shock and decided to have the Race Tech Gold Valve front fork tune and off my bike went to Preston all the way from Edinburgh.!This was done via a courier Teut knew of and it was very reasonably priced. 
Whilst the bike was at Teut's he  also handled the Swing arm removal and powder coating, Brembo brake upgrade,  fit new discs, pads, R1 caliper upgrade and  Brembo master cylinder. 
Once the work was completed I went to collect my bike and the day after went on a bike trip to Orkney.  Wow!!...simply  wow! My confidence has moved on and the feedback is fantastic.  Teut has kept in touch to make sure im happy with the set up and overtime we will make some adjustments as I experiment with whats on offer.  Its worth noting that suspension work is vitally important for bikes so doing an upgrade is a no brainer to me. Combined with the service I received its why my other bikes and any future bikes are going direct to Teut.  

Cheers,  Mr.Z,
Motorcycle suspension specialist, shock rebuilds, fork tuning, suspension tuning Ducati Hypermotard SP 2014

Ducati Hypermotard SP 2014



Thanx ever so much for setting up the suspension on my Hypermotard SP yesterday. I was already pretty happy with the handling of the bike as you could see from the tyres! However, after my visit you have really impressed me with the difference. The suspension feels much more compliant, and the bump management has definitely improved. The ride used to be very hard and unforgiving, but now it appears to soak up the bumps much better. The change to the rebound and the raising of the rear has also given a quicker turn in (which was already quick- now it's lightening), without it being nervous. 
Basically, I am even more confident with the handling, which makes it safer and more enjoyable to ride. 

I would like you to look at my 2009 KTM 450 XC-F next! I have a challenge for you as I'd like you to give me an off-road set up, and also a different set of figures for supermoto use with my SM wheels, road legal wets, and big-brake kit. It's basically 2 bikes in 1, but at the moment the suspension is a poor compromise for either use!

Thanx again
See you soon

Motorcycle suspension set up specialist, shock rebuilds, suspension tuning Triumph Daytona 675- 2008



Hi Teut

Just wanted to say thank you again for the suspension tune up and chain tightening on my Triumph Daytona 675 08 (scorched yellow of course). I'm no expert so was not entirely sure how much of a difference a tune up was going to make. Now I know how little I knew!! The bike feels like a completely different ride now. The beast it was kept trying to throw me off on every bump or road blemish like a bucking bronco, and now it glides over anything the road throws at it. With such a feeling of stability you really can go into corners with confidence knowing you're not going to lose it because there is an ant crossing in front of you (yes it really was that bad honest!).

Also since you tuned my brother's Daytona 650 he now knows what it is like to ride a sports bike compared to the rocking horse with wheels he had Anyway, thought I'd drop you a thank you for giving up your evening to help us both out on short notice. You're a true gent.


Motorcycle suspension set up, shock rebuilds and suspension ntuning Kawasaki ZX10-2014 Gen 3

KAWASAKI ZX10- 2014- Gen 3


Hey Teut,


I just wanted to drop you a quick line of thanks and appreciation for setting up the suspension on the new TEN for me.

You transformed my previous Gen3 ZX10R and so it was a natural choice to get you fettling the new Gen4 ZX10R and getting things set up just right for me.

It’s quite amazing to note just how much out of whack a brand, spanking new bike is and the range of adjustment needed to get things individually set up.

I’ve done a few hundred miles running her in and she’s handling everything I throw at her impeccably.

Thanks for the good work.



Simon Clarke

Motorcycle Suspension Set Up Specialist, Shock Rebuilds, Fork Tuning David Lewis - Full Race GSX-R L1 with MUPO Suspension


"The setup from Teut at TW suspension is great! , more importantly  he understands any problems you are having with the suspension and is able to quickly make adjustments that solve these problems and has made me much more confident with the bike.
Highly recommend his services, worth every penny and more."
"you've helped me out loads at three sisters with suspension advice and its all been great!"
Many thanks Teut,
David Lewis 

Kawasaki ZX6-R 2005


Hi Teut,


I'm really pleased with the set up!

Going to test It out on Three Sisters race circuit later today and hope the bike copes just aswell as it has on the road, comfy and durable on my commutes, but responsive with great feedback when roads start to throw the twistys at you :-)


I really appreciate your help and a great guy thanks again.


Hi again, just done 20 laps round 3 sisters and the bike was perfect it did everything I wanted it to do!!


Thanks so much for you work :-) 


Ash Haynes


Motorcycle suspension set up specialist, shock rebuilds, suspension tuning Yamaha R6 2003 at Donnington following Set Up

Yamaha R6 2003


Hi Teut,


I did my Donnington track day last week and the bike was planted.  I never felt at any stage like I was on the edge which gave me so much confidence to push even harder. (Even more relevant when they accidently sent me out in the fast group).

If that's down to a mental perception that the bike is sorted or if it is sorted either way that's down to you, so a massive thanks.


Phil Proudfoot

Motorcycle suspension set up specialist, Shock rebuilds, Suspension tuning and servicing Yamaha R1



Bike feels great now, I rode over crap surfaces on purpose, the rear behaved and the feel on roundabouts is superb.  Great Service!!  All sorted in just half an hour.


Highly recommended!


Chris Alvey



Motorcycle Suspension Set Up Specialist, Shock Rebuilds, Suspension Tuning and Servicing Suzuki GSX-R1000

Suzuki GSX-R1000


Hi Teut,


Just a quick note to say thanks for your help in setting up my GSX-R 1000.


The bike always felt stiff and simply crashed into bumps seemingly without any intention to soak them up!


After your set up session is feels massively better - taut like a sportsbike should be yet compliant and more forgiving giving me greater confidence all round


Your set up service is a must for anyone unsure about this "dark art"


Many thanks




Motorcycle Suspension Specialist, Shock Rebuilds, Suspension Set Up, Suspension Tuning and Servicing Honda CBR 600 RR

Honda CBR 600 RR


Teut clearly has no need for motorcycles, after doing my suspension I have concluded that he is a "wizard" and thus regular transport is redundant for him. The bike has been totally transformed and I can't wait to throw it round a track and really see how much better it is!


Thanks Teut


Harley Marginson



Motorcycle suspension Set Up Specialist, shock rebuilds, suspension servicing and tuning Kawasaki ZX10-R 2009

Kawasaki ZX10-R 2009


Hi Teut,

Just a quick note of thanks for sorting the Ten’s set up.

I rolled in a relative Sussy virgin and 30 minutes later I almost understood this Black Art they call suspension.


More to the point, 100 miles later my bike felt like it was doing exactly what it should be doing under my arse, leaving me to focus on the road.

The Ten is more comfortable, easier to turn-in and certainly less harsh on my fillings J


Your knowledge and hospitality are certainly head and shoulders above the other “locals” I’ve been to in the past and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to friends and riders alike.


See you next time around.


Cheers, Simon


ZX10R E9F (09)


Motorcycle Suspension Specialist, Set Up, Tuning, Shock Rebuilds Kawasaki ZX9-R FP1

Kawasaki ZX9-R 

Friendly,professional service ... Worth every penny ! Bike feels better than ever !

I will be booking the Tuono in at the end of the month for the same


Many Thanks

Chris Rostron

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